There’s a force preventing the new to thrive, blocking the access to the value exchange protocols, decelerating the possibilities of growth of the solutions that are challenging the status quo of the outdated businesses of today.
We act on the side of the new.
NEURON accelerates growth in the creative industry by leveraging access to global standard processes on business planning, management, finance, legal and compliance.

We are the backend that gives confidence to the new generation of leaders to focus on its core.
NEURON is the invisible business partner that helped engineer FLAGCX フラグ, the largest independent communication services group in Latam.
Since our inception, we built a team focused on operational excellence, developing tools and standards that has processed more than BRL 2 billion.
NEURON engineered the backend that brought to life SOKO  and OBVIOUS, communication agencies that grew more than 10 times in their first 4 years.
As the business management partner of MESA, an exponent Brazilian innovation consultancy, NEURON did the set up for the launch of the company's US operation unlocking a 3 digit growth rate.
Financial and legal management are intertwined. This integrated approach is our core.
Legal and Compliance
Continuous due diligence
Ad industry specialized legal opinions
Ad industry focused legal management
Operational integrated contracts
M&A management and corporate structure design
Litigation management
Global standard compliance policies
Financial Planning and Analysis
Global standard financial statements
Account payables and receivables
Loan operations
Cash flow management
Banking relationship
Accounting demonstratives
Taxes reports and payment
Tax strategy consultancy
Engineering Ideas to Thrive.